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  1. eddie voss says:

    can you make a stock for a cooper model 36 with a flat forearm for a bench rest?

  2. I am very interested in having stocks made for a couple of my Anschutz rifles. One is being set up for Rimfire Benchrest.

  3. Bruce Hessler says:

    Hello Old Friend. Glad to see you get back to making wood chips again. If you remember, I have 3 of your originals. An original Turner barricuda, An early 90’s something Thumbhole Silohuette that pre-dates the Barricuda, and a Cherry Benchrest that was painted with Tru-fire flames. All Turner Originals.

    Looking forward to a couple of more original designs like the XR-25 and a couple of others.

    Bruce – RFC Horsefly!

  4. Joe Tuinstra says:

    Hey Mike! Excellent work and I can’t wait to order a stock from you!!! Your designs are beautiful! I know how much time you have into setting up your CNC, almost a year I think. Maybe longer. I am glad you’re up and running and can’t wait to see your magic!!!
    Joe Tuinstra- RFC(Joebobber)

  5. Beautiful work , would be interested in sending you a blank some day for a stock , do you only do rimfire or do you do centerfire as well ?

  6. Mike says:

    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the welcome back. Sorry it took me so long to get this answered! Still in the infancy stages, but by the grace of God, we are getting there!

    Thank you for you kind words.


  7. Bob Blatz says:

    Glad to see a comeback. I have always enjoyed your posts on RFC, and look forward to you producing stocks for sale again.
    Best wishes,
    Bob B.- RFC ‘ol shooter

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