10/22 Maple Shadowline


4 Responses to 10/22 Maple Shadowline

  1. John Tomasetti says:

    I really like the classic lines of the maple shadow line stock. What are the chances of having one like that build for a 10/22 project I’m gonna start. I would like it in walnut. Thanks for any info in advance. ..John Tomasetti

  2. Merlin Orr says:

    Wow. Nice stock for the 10/22. Would you do one for a single shot Anschutz 54 with a med/heavy sporter barrel set up to be legal for Rim fire Silhouette….?

    Merlin Orr

  3. xai says:

    Hi, How much is a 10/22 stock in maple with .920 for a KIDD ultralight barrel? please let me know and how long does it take for you to build it. Thanks,xai

  4. John Paul says:

    Do you make a copy of the Ruger 10/22 Fingergrove stock?

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